"My Essential Tools" for Your Support

These essential tools are of my own heart and soul. They accompany me wherever I go, and are readily available at your leisure. Not everyone has the same taste, likes or dislikes. The beauty of this, is that you are welcome to share with me your preferences.

Candles ~ These set a lovely ambiance to any room or decor. My candles are not of the traditional type, for safety reasons. My candles are flameless, scentless and are battery operated. I can bring one if you choose, or we can discuss more candles as an option.

Music Player, Books and/or Auditory Tools ~ Sometimes its just necessary to slip away into your favorite type of music or book. This may change from moment to moment, and that's okay. It's all about your comfort. You may wish to listen to online recordings of books, Podcasts or other types of presentations. We'll get things figured out together, it's really quite easy. You might have your own favorite books for me to read to you. We can even read some poetry if you'd like. Let's look it all over together.

Visual and/or Audio Recording Devices ~ Whether you decide to share in the creation of your Legacy Project or Life Review Project with me or not, I will still provide you with moments of special snap shots or funny conversations, at your discretion. We'll simply have a waiver form to go over.

Aromatherapy Items ~ These items will need to be discussed with your medical team and/or family first. I certainly love this priceless therapy, however your health and comfort are of top priority. Nothing is applied to skin, aromatherapy oils will be utilized in my diffuser with filtered water. You may also choose from other softer scented items such as; fresh or dried flowers, dried herbs, sage/palo santo sticks, twig of rosemary, mint leaves, cinnamon sticks or any other of your favorite scents, I'll do my best to accommodate. Some may not be available at different times. Let me know if you have a special store or shop you go to.

Journal or Notepad ~ Let's face it, there may be fleeting moments to capture and write it down. Precious memories can happen at even the most unexpected times. I love to write.

Non-Latex Gloves - Hand Sanitizer - Face Mask ~ No need to say much more about this. It's my pleasure to keep us both safe.

Please keep in mind ~ If you or any family members or friends, have allergies or sensitivities, this needs to be brought to my awareness by you beforehand, during our initial consulation. Thank you for your understanding and acknowledgement.

Cheers! Here's to your comfort and preferences.

Aromatherapy Choices and So Much More!

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